Alumni Dues

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      Alumni Dues for Brother


      Your Alumni Dues Make It All Happen!


      • Founders Day
      • Fall Alumni Meeting
      • Dr. Paul Noland Leadership Scholarship
      • Gary Groce Brotherhood Scholarship
      • National Dues & Insurance
      • Alpha Iota Crescent Publications
      • Rebuilding on a Proud Past Campaign
      • Recruitment Expenses
      • Support for the families of our injured, sick, and fallen Brothers
      • Community & Bumpers College of AFLS Outreach


      Without alumni dues, the alumni chapter would not have a budget to operate or be able to support our undergraduate chapter with many of their needs. You can help us to continue our mission of building better men today simply by paying your alumni dues! Thank You!






    • Send a personal check for your Alumni Dues!


      Please make all Alumni Dues checks out to:

      Arkansas Alumni Chapter of Alpha Gamma Rho


      and send the personal check to the following address:


      Arkansas Alumni Chapter of AGR

      P.O. Box 363

      Cave Springs, AR 72718


      Lifetime Alpha Iota Alumni Association Members


      Dr. Paul Noland '52

      Gary Norris '60

      Jim Burton '62

      Jim Marrs '62

      Bill Moore '63

      Roy Runyan '63

      Kenneth May '66

      James McCoy '66

      Everett Rogers '68

      Paul Shaver '68

      Dick Willis '68

      Nathan Bagley '69

      Alan Fortenberry '69

      Bill Groce '72

      Kirk Thompson '72

      James Mitchell '72

      Dr. Charles Looney '74

      John Paul Pendergrass '74

      Todd Martin '83

      Rex Martin '86

      TJ Hart '89

      Jeffery Hall '91

      Chris Looney '02

      Russ Harding '02

      Reece Bailey '04

      Tristan Hudson '07

      Nick Cawthon '11


      These Brothers have all paid their Lifetime Membership Dues & receive all the benefits that allows in our Alumni Association